Where we are

Our family house with guest apartments lays in a quiet spot, near the complex Hoteli Bernardin, halfway between Portorož and Piran and not far from the sea. The house is surrounded by an olive tree garden full of flowers and greenery. From our house you can enjoy an open view on the whole gulf of Piran, all the way to Savudrija. The distance to the beach, shops and restaurants is 350m.

Many walking options are available to our guests. They can decide to visit Piran, the administrative seat of our municipality. Piran is a medieval walled town with a rich history, with which the visitors can get acquainted by visiting its streets and squares, the Maritime Museum, various galleries, its many churches with their important sacral artworks, the Town Library, the Theatre, Acquarium, medieval town walls and other attractions. Piran is also the birthplace of the world famous composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini (1692 – 1770), of whom the Piranese are particularly proud of. The city’s main square is also dedicated to him. With gratitude and in memory of its great fellow citizen, the people of Piran have erected a monument in the center of the square, which every day reminds them that this great artist once lived here. Piran is distant 1,5 km from us.

If you choose for your walk the seaside promenade towards Portorož, it will lead you to the modern touristic center of Portorož, which boasts numerous modern high-category hotels, shops, restaurants, casinos, beaches, the Auditorium Cultural Centre and travel agencies. As a tourist destination, Portorož has a long-standing tradition, as it’s been chosen as a holiday destination by many important personalities already in the Austro-Hungarian times. Portorož is distant 2 km from us.

From there the walk can be extended to Forma Viva in Seča, to visit the open space sculptures, which were placed and shaped in this place by artists from all the continents. The braver can continue the walk all the way to the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and pay a visit to the Museum of Salt-making and the salt plains, where Piranese salt makers have been producing genuine Piran salt for over 700 years.

On the northern side of the Piran peninsula lays Fiesa, which allows for a pleasant walk to the local natural beach, fresh water lakes and hotels. Distance: 2 km.

The braver strollers can take a walk also to Strunjan, which is distant from us 5 km. The effort put into getting there will be paid off with the view on the wonderful nature of a preserved Nature Park with salt plains, marine beach, with a visit to the Krka Spa, or the 500 years old votive church of Our Lady and the view over the gulf of Trieste, which opens up if we climb to the edge of the cliff by the cross. Should we feel the need to restore the calories lost for the walk, the Strunjan inns and restaurants offer a variety of home-made delicacies, with which we can satisfy our hunger or quench our thirst.

If you wish to discover our municipality’s hinterland you can drive to Sveti Peter, Nova Vas and Padna, where you can discover a preserved istrian rural architecture, friendly locals and enjoy a meal at the local inns. Distance: 15 km.

Worthy of a visit are also more distant places, which can be accessed by car. Among those are the world famous Postojna caves, the Škocjan caves, which are protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, the Lipica Stud Farm, the Socerb castle and our seaside cities of Koper and Izola, with their rich medieval history.